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Sometimes the simplest things to change may be the most obscure or unknown. In our world, we find many of our initial client conversations are centered around a partner’s digital presence or lack thereof.

We’re sure you know you need an online presence, but we’d also venture to say that perhaps you’re not satisfied with your positioning on the internet. Why is that? What do you need to fix? What will make the biggest impact in the short term? How do you find answers to these questions?

We have a solution for that. It’s our FREE Website Grader, and all it will cost you is your name and email address.

With our FREE website grader you’ll get:

  • Letter-grade scoring on 5 key facets of your website
  • Real, actionable tasks to improve your score
  • Printable PDF of your results in real-time
  • Ability to request a one-on-one results discussion with an Appos team member

Our free website grader is not a gimmick, and it’s not a bait and switch offer. It’s entirely free aside from your basic contact information. We provide this tool to help further the industries we work within. If you’d like help, we’re here for that as well but are happy to provide some key learnings along the way.

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