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Our Services

Each new client engagement with Appos begins with our Advisory Services as we work together to identify challenges, map out goals and develop solutions. We do not engage in tactics without strategy, and the strategy relies upon our ability to have honest and open communication with our clients. From there, the tactics evolve.

We strongly differentiate between expertise and capabilities and believe our clients deserve to understand the difference. Appos Partners is a team of experts, not just an assembling of capable individuals.

Advisory Services

This all starts with a conversation to see if we’re the right fit for each other. Each engagement is unique, and our promise of integrity demands that we will not recommend or implement solutions without a sound understanding of an individual business and its goals… you and your company deserve this.

Creative & Branding Services

Great strategy requires creativity, and sometimes that comes in the form of visuals and words. We create, build and deliver brands that are built for success and usable by all business professionals, not just designers.

Digital Integrations

Software and apps are often necessary tools for business operations. We have robust expertise in vetting digital platforms, integrating software and getting businesses up and running. Let’s talk POS systems, loyalty programs, educational platforms, e-commerce solutions and payment gateways.

Website Design, SEO & SEM

The Internet is a crowded space. Let us help you design with purpose by establishing and owning space online with real measurable results. We specialize in website development, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce solutions and digital marketing.

Content & Social Media Strategies

Feel pressured to do social media because it’s expected? Anyone can create a profile, but the key is to develop a presence that gets noticed or generates the right type of engagement. We help establish content strategies that drive brand awareness, loyalty, sales and maybe a nice friendly following.

Analytics & Data Analysis

Businesses are often too busy doing and making vs. reflecting and learning. That’s where we can help. We believe in the power of data and actually like trying to make sense of it. Let us dig in, help identify trends, challenges and find opportunities to fuel your growth.